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Great breakfast
“You don't have to struggle to find vegetarian options at Wetherspoons in general, but this is one of the best veggie breakfasts I've found. The sausages and hash browns are particularly good.”
Vege Lincolnshire sausages
“These Sausages are just AWESOME!! I had so many of them, some mornings I had two helpings!! I was in Portsmouth for about a week had my breakfast at White Swan and had these daily!! Just so good! Highly recommended.”
Large Vegetarian Breakfast
“What a bargain this item is. I absolutely love it. It's hard to get a decent veggie breakfast that's worth the money in comparison to it's meat equivalent, but this does it and more. Until you see it on a plate infront of you it's hard to imagine how amazed you'd be at the vast amount you've got for your money. I go out of my way to find a Wetherspoon's wherever I go on holiday in the UK just for this breakfast alone. The sausages are moreish and with plenty of toast and hash browns provided, there's no excuse for leaving any baked bean juice. You really need to experience it for yourself, a few words really don't do it justice. Get one down you the next time your hungry.”