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The Mixed Grill of Joys
“The Mixed Grill was much to my liking, this fabulous array of heavenly goods far supersedes any selection of fantastic meats that I have been blessed to try! The drink complements my meal in an excellent manner, it quenched my thirst beyond new realms that I didn't know I could experience... truly exquisite. I must say, well done old chaps, old tallywackers, you've done it again, fantastic!”
Big one
“Big meal”
Large Mixed Grill
“I must say that the large mixed grill is good value at my local, the White Swan in Porsmouth. There is a good range of meats available including onion rings, an egg and extra sausage! It is on the best value price range I have found for this meal including other Wetherspoons in the area. The addition of a drink in the deal is most welcome, as this can add quite a cost in other restaurants. There is a good range of drinks available as there is on the other deals. Well done.”