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It\'s got better!
“My mum was making chilli con carne in late 70\'s and through 80\'s - all from scratch, none of this packet mix, Schwartz cumin and chilli powder were used ike pepper in our home. No one has ever captured that taste for me. Until I tried Wetherspoons Chilli. It is something I can rely on, wherever I am in the country, the Chilli is always \'blob on!\' - recently recipe change, with addition of pieces of beef, makes it even better. It is not mouth burning hot, it is tasty and has the feeling of home comfort for me. I even recommended it to my mum, who also gave it her stamp of approval. Must be ok then! I don\'t order it all the time, but I know if I don\'t know what I want, friends laugh, I always order chilli.”
Try 5 bean fiirst!
“Check out the 5 bean chilli before deciding”
Chilli Con Carne
“Delicious with a glass of red wine, just right for a winter's day.”