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Thursday Curry Nights
“I enjoy the Thursday nights in Four Candles and always love Chicken Balti dish with the extras!!”
Chicken Balti
“Really nice. This is the best curry I've eaten outside of an Indian restaurant. The curry was served in a balti dish & just the right size portion, not too fattening either with just 5% fat & 964 kcals. Lovely soft warm naan bread, two crispy & light poppadoms (not greasy) very flavoursome. All the chicken was breast meat & a little pot of mango chutney. It was served on a nice hot plate too. I will be trying some of the other curries soon. Excellent value for money and there was a choice of drinks. I had a glass of Rose' wine which was lovely and a perfect compliment to the meal all for an amazing 4.99. I was pleased too that I was able to have my meal before 3pm as on the day thursday 28th October they were serving the curries from 12 noon. The staff couldn't have been more helpful and pleasant either. I visited the Wetherspoon pub at the Diamond in Londonderry.”