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Worlds apart – living together…

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Worlds apart – living together…
Article date: 22 Sep 2011

Life really does taste better with Lavazza.

Wetherspoon has, for many years, proudly supported the work of the Rainforest Alliance, by serving Lavazza coffee.

You, our customers, have also played your part: simply by enjoying a great cup of Lavazza, you are supporting farmers and their families in developing countries and doing your bit for the environment too – 100%.

That great-tasting Lavazza coffee uses beans grown exclusively from Rainforest-Alliance-certified growers.

The support which this provides to the growers and their communities goes far beyond simple financial payment for the coffee. Lavazza, through its Tierra project, aims to support communities and encourage sustainable development through education – sustainability of the environment, yes, but sustainability also of the whole community, from a social aspect, ensuring that the community benefits, prospers and has a future.

This support has included building schools, homes and medical facilities, providing machinery and agricultural know-how and planting over 27,000 native trees. Communities in Colombia, Honduras and Peru have benefited.

The very best bit is that, to continue helping the communities, all that you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious cup of Lavazza coffee.

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