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Working in partnership for a safer community

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Working in partnership for a safer community
Article date: 09 Jan 2013

A Luton pub manager and her team have received praise from the town’s licensing officer for the manner in which they have cut crime and disorder at the pub during the past 12 months.

Mel Tobias took over as manager of The White House, in the Bedfordshire town, in 2011.

In the past year, Mel and her team have worked closely with the police to address a number of security issues at one of the biggest venues in Luton’s town centre.

Mel, pictured with PC Bill Tuffs, said: “I started out at The White House as a shift manager in 2006. When I returned last year as manager, there was a lot of work to be done to make the pub an attractive venue again for people to visit.

“We reviewed the door team and made changes to the personnel, built a great working relationship with the local licensing team and have really made The White House a much nicer place to be.”

Mel is involved in the local pubwatch scheme and is also working to help to implement a Luton Best Bar None initiative, which will hopefully come to fruition in 2013.

Sgt Rob Clough, licensing officer for Bedfordshire police’s licensing team, said: “I am delighted with the performance which Mel Tobias, her staff and door supervisors have managed to achieve at Wetherspoon’s The White House, in Luton’s town centre, over the last 12 months, in relation to cutting crime and disorder overall.

“This is a tribute to her and her team and to the success of schemes operating in Luton’s town centre, such as LutonSafe and pubwatch, a partnership among licensed pubs, bars and clubs, the police and other local authorities. Other initiatives, such as NiteNet radio and the BAND scheme, have also been in place.

“As a result of the very responsible management of this large town-centre venue, incidents of crime and disorder in the premises have reduced considerably. In particular, in the last 12 months, the instances associated with offences of violence against people have been limited to three minor assaults and two instances of public order at the door of the venue. There have been seven thefts, of which five related to the theft of generally unsupervised mobile phones and a purse. The other two related to some cakes and a minor internal matter.

“Luton has a stigma as being an unsafe place to go for a night out, but the responsible and diligent work of the staff at venues such as this and those across the rest of Luton’s town centre and the implementation of measures in partnership with the police ensure that this is now simply not justified.

“Wetherspoon and the rest of the venues in Luton’s town centre have also been keen to implement the Best Bar None scheme, to demonstrate how committed they all are to make the nightclubs and bars in the town centre even safer still.”

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