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Wonderful wedding memories at ‘The Queen’s’

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Wonderful wedding memories at ‘The Queen’s’
Article date: 16 May 2011

A Newport couple relive some happy memories every time the two of them visit their local Wetherspoon pub.

Brian and Jean Pugh were married in October 1965 and celebrated their wedding reception at The Queen’s Hotel, in the Welsh town.

A grade II listed building, originally built in 1863, the hotel and bar were named after the reigning monarch Queen Victoria.

Wetherspoon spent £882,500 developing the property, opening the new pub and 29-en-suite-bedroom hotel in July 2009.

Jean said: “When Wetherspoon opened The Queen’s Hotel, Brian and I were very excited, as it was the venue for our wedding reception and overnight stay, more than 45 years ago. When we visit The Queen’s now, it brings back good memories for us.”

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