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Week-long beer festival

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Week-long beer festival
Article date: 01 Aug 2009

Among the beers on offer will be Exmoor Beast, Exmoor Gold, Exmoor Stag and Silver Stallion.

The event takes place on 12–19 August, inclusive.

There will be a meet-the-brewer event at the pub on 12 August, 7–8pm, when Exmoor’s head brewer, Adrian Newman, will give a talk about the brewing process. Customers will have the opportunity to take part in a beer-tasting session on the night.

The pub’s duty manager and festival organiser, Ken Smith, said: “The festival will enable our customers to try some different beers, not usually available at the pub, as well as to support the local economy.”

Another Wetherspoon pub, The Match Maker, in Bow (east London), is also staging a beer festival during Friday–Sunday, 28–31 August (inclusive).

It will feature eight ales from Itchen Valley Brewery, brewed in the heart of Hampshire.

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