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Tree tribute to Emily

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Tree tribute to Emily
Article date: 20 Jan 2011

The Francis Newton, in Sheffield, has a new tree in its garden – in memory of a very courageous youngster.

Emily Holwell, from Beverley, was just 14 months old when she passed away, in the summer of 2010, at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, close to the pub.

The Holwell family became regular visitors at The Francis Newton, when taking breaks from hospital visits.

Staff at the pub welcomed Emily’s parents, Ben and Lisa, together with her sister Tilly, during their time in Sheffield.

Becky Allen (now at The Benjamin Huntsman), pictured second right, with the Holwell family, said: “Ben and Lisa spent months away from their Beverley home, so our pub became a haven for them.

“We got to know them very well and wanted to remember Emily at the pub. A pretty pink-blossom ballerina tree, in our garden, is our special memorial to her.

“Thanks to all of our customers and staff, for their generosity in raising funds for the tree – and we hope that it is a fitting tribute to a brave little girl.”

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