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Transported to a bygone era

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Transported to a bygone era
Article date: 08 Nov 2012

The Flying Standard, in Coventry, welcomed bus enthusiasts, as the city celebrated the centenary of corporation transport.

The pub, run by Lynsey Graham, pictured front with regular John Kennedy in a conductor’s uniform, customers and staff, is located near the Coventry Transport Museum.

The centenary festival, commemorating 100 years of Coventry Corporation Transport, saw dozens of preserved vintage buses on display and parading through the city centre.

Festival-goers were also able to enjoy a 20-per-cent discount at the pub, which had its own display of pictures of old buses, banners, bunting and balloons.

More than 2,000 visitors attended the festival, organised by the Coventry Transport Museum, in conjunction with Coventry Corporation Transport (CCT) Society.

Lynsey said: “Many of the CCT Society members are regulars at the pub, so it was great to work together to help one another and give visitors a great day to remember.”

John Kennedy, from CCT Society, said: “Thanks to Lynsey for her much-appreciated help and support during the Coventry Transport 100 Years Centenary celebrations.

“People were impressed by the food, the ale and especially the pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the pub. A big thankyou to Lynsey for the photographic display too.”

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