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Tony shows the value of providing opportunity to all

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Tony shows the value of providing opportunity to all
Article date: 06 Jan 2014

Wetherspoon’s policy to employ members of staff from all backgrounds and walks of life is unquestioned.

Tony Hammett is one staff member who has certainly benefited from the company’s willingness to give people a chance, where other organisations may not.

Tony, 42, has suffered from epilepsy since childhood. Formerly a machine engineer, his condition forced him to resign from his job – and a 10-year spell of unemployment spiralled into depression.

Last year, he was referred by his local Jobcentre Plus to Remploy, a leading provider of specialist employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people.

After receiving tailored one-to-one support from Remploy, at the branch in his home town of Worcester, Tony was offered a two-week work trial as a bar associate at The Postal Order in the town.

Tony said: “I had never considered working in a pub, but I was certainly prepared to give it a try.”

Pub manager Rob Deeming said: “It is fair to say that Tony was very nervous during his work trial.

“However, I could see that he had potential. He was good with customers and worked hard – two very important qualities which Wetherspoon looks for in its employees.

“I really believed that he had the ability to do the job and wanted to give him every chance to prove me right.”

The work trial was extended to 12 weeks, and Tony was then taken on on a permanent basis. 

Tony said: “From day one of my work trial, I was determined to succeed. Even if I hadn’t been offered a permanent job, I saw it as a way of reintegrating myself into the world of work.

“I love working here.”

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