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Titanic remembered 100 years on

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Titanic remembered 100 years on
Article date: 24 Oct 2012

The Mayor of Godalming, Steve Cosser, and his wife, Sheila, were in attendance at The Jack Phillips for a very special occasion.

Named after the Titanic’s chief telegraphic officer, who was from Godalming, the Surrey pub commemorated 100 years since the sinking of the passenger liner.

Pub manager Karen Blainey, pictured with the mayor, organised a display of 80 posters, with the names of the 705 survivors and 1,500 who died on 15 April 1912, as well as pictures, a Titanic beer festival, quiz and children’s drawing competition, judged by the mayor.

Jack Phillips (1887–1912) was the Titanic’s chief Marconi wireless operator. He perished only after sending distress signals in Morse code, right until the ship foundered and his equipment failed, saving hundreds of lives.

His last message was picked up by another ship, the Virginia, at 02:17, three minutes before the stern of the Titanic sank.

Karen said: “Jack was the local hero in the town and is part of our heritage here in Godalming. We wanted to remember him and all those who perished, on this very special anniversary day.”

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