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The Trent Bridge Inn

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The Trent Bridge Inn
Article date: 18 Jul 2011

The iconic Trent Bridge Inn, next to Trent Bridge cricket ground, in Nottingham, has reopened, following a £1.65-million investment.

The Trent Bridge Inn, or ‘The TBI’ as it is often called locally, stands immediately in front of the cricket ground, home to Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

In 1841, former pub landlord and cricketer William Clarke laid out a cricket square in the meadow, attached to the inn, and arranged for the Nottinghamshire county cricket team to play its matches at the ground.

Players were accommodated in The TBI, which stood just in front of the present building. The original inn was smaller and demolished after the new inn was completed in 1890.

The pub is managed by Daniel Chadaway (pictured).

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