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The recipe for long and happy employment

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The recipe for long and happy employment
Article date: 15 Jan 2013

A long-serving double act, in the kitchen at The Thomas Lloyd, has clocked up more than 30 years’ service between them.

Kitchen manager Mick Brockbank and kitchen team leader Pauline Martin have worked at the Warwick outlet since it first opened as a Wetherspoon pub, just over 12 years ago.

The pair (both pictured) had already worked at the bar for three years, when Wetherspoon took over the Lloyds No.1 outlet, one of 10 purchased by the company in 2000.

Mick, 53, said: “The original bar was literally being built around us when we started our training almost 16 years ago.

“Pauline and I then joined Wetherspoon, when the company took it over, and have both been working at The Thomas Lloyd ever since.”

A chef for 36 years, Mick served his apprenticeship in hotels and restaurants and was a head chef in a hotel in Warwick when the job at Lloyds came up.

Mick, originally from Newcastle, said: “I have worked in different places over the years, and the menus obviously change, but the concept is always the same. It is all about teamwork, we have a great team and all work well together.

“At The Thomas Lloyd, speed is of the essence – and we pride ourselves on our service.”

Pauline, 58, said: “I have worked in pubs on and off all of my working life, but I was working in the catering department for the council, when the Lloyds bar opened. I applied for the job and got it.”

There are currently five members in the kitchen team at The Thomas Lloyd, including Pauline’s son Mark. Her daughter, Marie, had also worked at the pub, but has now moved on.

Pauline, who has lived in Warwick all her life, added: “It is vital to work as a team in the kitchen, otherwise the job just wouldn’t get done properly.

“Mick and I have worked together now for many years, so we have a great understanding. Like any job, there are good days and bad, but I enjoy what I do and hope to continue for a good while yet.”

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