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The Henry Bell

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The Henry Bell
Article date: 28 Sep 2012

Provost Billie Petrie opens The Henry Bell with his wife Jean and pub manager Philip Carville, together with staff and customers.

Philip was previously the manager at The Sandpiper, at Glasgow Airport.

The pub, in Helensburgh, Scotland, takes its name from the man responsible for revolutionising boat travel, when Henry Bell developed Bell’s Comet (1812), the first passenger-carrying steam boat.

The new boat enabled Helensburgh to develop as a seaside resort.

Photos, local history and information boards about the history and characters of the area are featured in the pub, including references to Henry Bell himself, Helensburgh-born inventor John Logie Baird and designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Local artist Sofia Perina-Miller has two prints of Mackintosh’s Hill House displayed.

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