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The Electrical Wizard

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The Electrical Wizard
Article date: 18 Apr 2011

Morpeth Mayor Ken Brown is pictured with pub manager Chris McEvoy at the opening of The Electrical Wizard.

The pub’s unusual name relates to its former life as The Coliseum Cinema, which opened in the town in 1926.

One of the favourite artists to perform at The Coliseum was Dr Walford Bodie, known as ‘The Electrical Wizard of the North’. The Scots-born entertainer was famous for ‘shocking’ magic tricks, using electricity and even an electric chair.

The pub, built on the site of a former bar, features a fireplace and wood panelling. There is also a large chandelier, in the recessed ceiling, re-creating the grandeur of the old theatre.

A metal/electric sculpture is displayed in the pub.

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