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The art of recycling

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The art of recycling
Article date: 02 Aug 2012

Wetherspoon has teamed up with recycling specialist Biffa to turn glass recycling into an art form.

Glass bottles, sourced from two Wetherspoon pubs, The Berkeley (in Clifton) and V-Shed (at The Waterfront, in Bristol) have found a new home at the newly opened Nailsea pub – The Glassmaker.

The bottles have been used to construct the feature wall in the beer garden at the Nailsea outlet, to honour the town’s long-lost glass-making industry.

The glassworks was one of the largest in the country, producing mainly crown glass for windows and bottles, hence ‘Crown Glass Place’, which is the address of the new pub.

Mark Chapman, Biffa account manager, said: “Wetherpoon wanted to incorporate as much tradition and memorabilia as possible from the town’s history of glass-making. So, staying true to Biffa’s reuse and recycle belief, we supplied empty, used bottles to build the wall.

“It’s certainly an alternative to the usual recycling methods which we use and a fantastic way of recognising the town’s heritage.”

Wetherspoon’s head of development and acquisitions Jon Randall said: “The company is committed to recycling and it is great to be able to demonstrate this in an artistic way at the new pub.”


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