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Article date: 24 May 2010

Our 'nurses' raised £472,756

A staggering £472,756 was raised for CLIC Sargent, by not only staff participating in the London Marathon itself, but also others who supported them with fund-raising events in their pubs across the land.

Nineteen members of staff, under the banner ‘Team Wetherspoon’, completed the London Marathon wearing their special CLIC Sargent running vests.

A 20th member, Robbie Douglas, manager of The Crosse Keys, in London, trained for the event, but was unable to make it, after being stranded in Cyprus, owing to volcanic ash.

Across the UK, Wetherspoon pubs carried out their own fund-raising activities, boosting the total raised, thanks to the generosity of staff and customers.

During the Marathon, the 19 Wetherspoon runners were cheered on by hundreds of thousands of spectators, with special cheers coming from outside The Liberty Bounds, a Wetherspoon pub located at the Marathon’s 23rd mile.

The pub was decked out in CLIC Sargent colours, with staff from the charity, as well as the runners’ family and friends, congregating there.

Wetherspoon’s food purchasing manager, Lewis Brigden, one of the runners, said: “It was an amazing day and one which will stay in my memory forever. “As well as achieving a personal goal, it was great to know that my fellow Team Wetherspoon runners and I were helping to raise money for our chosen charity.”

CLIC Sargent’s head of corporate fund-raising UK, Querida Williams, added: “We would like to say a huge thankyou and congratulations to everyone involved.”

Jo Dooley, manager of The Moon Under Water, Milton Keynes, said: “The day was amazing. My knees had given up by mile 18, but the amazing support from those cheering us on and the kids handing out Jelly Babies at the roadside helped me through.”
Dumisani Williams, licensing paralegal at head office, said: “The experience was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I feel very grateful to all of the supporters who rallied around me and Team Wetherspoon as a whole.”

Aaron Haggas, trainee personnel manager (northwest), said: “It was an overwhelming experience which challenged every ounce of my character. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, but easily the most rewarding. The support and appreciation of everyone on the day were amazing and I felt like a celebrity, hearing people cheer my name.”

Su Cacioppo, Wetherspoon’s personnel & legal director, said: “My lasting memory will be of the crowds of people lining every inch of the route, cheering you on and offering sweets, food and drink. It was how I imagined the VE celebrations must have been – one enormous street party.

It was awesome; once you started running, there was no way that the supporters were going to let you stop.”

Top fund-raisers

Pub regulars in all regions really made a difference. Our top regional fund-raising pubs were:

Greenwich, The Gate Clock – £4,888
King’s Lynn, Globe Hotel – £4,453
Liverpool, The Richard John Blackler – £4,398
Newport, The Queen’s Hotel – £4,199
Milton Keynes, Lloyds No.1 Bar – £3,920
Harrogate, The Winter Gardens – £ 3,289
Royal Tunbridge Wells, The Opera House – £3,710
Glasgow, The Society Room – £2,307
Holborn, Shakespeare’s Head – £1,920
Shrewsbury, Montgomery’s Tower – £1,725

Meet Team Wetherspoon (main picture): Back row left to right: Mark McGinty, Christian Blanch, James Hume, Phil Roger, Simon Nicol, Richard Peachment, Caroline Walters, Steve Jones, John Hutson, Paul Morris, Mike Williams, Nick Britten
Front row left to right: Su Cacioppo, Steph Kersey, Lewis Brigden, Jo Dooley, Mandy Ferries Not pictured: Dumi Williams, Aaron Haggas, Robbie Douglas

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