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Teamwork the key to providing safer communities

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Teamwork the key to providing safer communities
Article date: 26 Feb 2013

Pub manager Shaun Bailey has had to work harder than some to ensure that his pub is a safe and inviting place to visit.

Shaun, who runs The Gilpin’s Bell, in Upper Edmonton, experienced the London riots at first hand in August 2011, with his pub in north London situated quite literally in the ‘eye of the storm’.

Now, more than 12 months on, Shaun is understandably proud of his safe pub, the surrounding community and their achievements since those disturbances.

Shaun said: “We don’t have a pubwatch scheme in operation in the area, but I work closely with the local authorities and police to ensure that The Gilpin’s Bell is a safe pub, in a safe area.

“I attend all meetings involving local police, businesses and residents – and we work
together to maintain a great community.”

Shaun has been at the pub for seven years and, for the past two years, has negotiated with the local town centre for funding to upgrade the radio system at the pub.

He said: “The reception and coverage of the old analogue system was poor, but we now have two new digital radios, one at the pub and one which I can operate 24 hours a day.

“We are in constant contact with the town centre’s CCTV cameras, with a camera outside the pub, as well as with the police – and can radio in with problems, at any time.

“We are the first premises in the borough to launch the digital system and it is a great asset.

“We have seen the area go through some difficult times over the past year or so, but things are looking positive now.

“The Gilpin’s Bell is a safe community pub – and we are proud of our achievements.”

Launching the digital CCTV radio system at the pub are (left to right) Ponders End town centre manager Nick Johnson, Andy Love MP, PCSO Vince Broughton, Shaun Bailey, Sgt Andre Smith and Eddie Martinez from Community Cabs.

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