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Support for urban orchard grows

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Support for urban orchard grows
Article date: 25 Nov 2013

The Capitol, in Forest Hill, showed its support for a community initiative, aiming to transform the local area into an urban orchard.

The pub was among 47 local shops and businesses, in Forest Hill and Honor Oak Park, which have joined forces to create an avenue of 70 fruit trees, called the Edible High Road, as part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival.

The Capitol has sponsored a cherry tree in the scheme, organised by the Forest Hill Society, in partnership with Lewisham Gardens and Shannon’s Garden Centre.

The event is part of a city-wide network of Edible High Roads, with routes being planted in several communities across London, lined with apple, cherry, pear and plum trees.

Adrian Buckley, pub manager at The Capitol, said: “We were only too happy to get involved and support an innovative community initiative.”

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