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Stumped by ghostly goings-on, strange noises and sightings

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Stumped by ghostly goings-on, strange noises and sightings
Article date: 14 Feb 2013

Many of the staff members at The Cricketers in Ipswich have experienced ‘the unexplained’, on more than one occasion.

Shift manager Ele Staiano has worked at the pub for a year and has lost count of the number of times when she has seen and heard ‘things that go bump in the night’.

Ele said: “Things usually happen either very early in the morning or late at night, after closing. The scariest was when I saw a bishop-like figure standing on the stairs, wearing robes and a mitre, as clear as day.

“Mel, one of our cleaners, and I have also seen a monk, dressed in black, but a lot of the staff are very sceptical and don’t believe us!”

As well as the sightings, wooden bar stools falling over, barrels rolling in the cellar, trays and chopping boards flying off the kitchen shelves and glasses smashing are among the ‘ghostly’ happenings at the pub.

Ele said: “There have been far too many unexplained things happen for it to be anything else – and I have seen the two ghosts more than a dozen times.”

Ele is organising a paranormal evening at the pub, early in 2013, to raise money for CLIC Sargent.

A popular local medium will be in attendance, providing clairvoyant readings and trying to make contact with the spirits.

Contact the pub on 01473 225910 for further details of the event.

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