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Setting the standards in food safety

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Setting the standards in food safety
Article date: 23 Oct 2013

Six hundred and seventy nine Wetherspoon pubs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have gained the maximum five-star rating in the Food Standards Authority (FSA) Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, which highlights hygiene standards in pubs and restaurants.

This represents 87 per cent of the 777 Wetherspoon pubs listed on the FSA’s website.

Additionally, 88 of the company’s pubs gained a four-star rating, with only 10 pubs below this score.

Council environmental health officers at the majority of local authorities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland visit premises to check on hygiene standards.

The hygiene rating reflects inspection findings and ranges from a minimum of zero to a maximum of five.

According to the Food Hygiene Rating website, five means: ‘Excellent. Very high standards of food safety management. Fully compliant with food safety legislation.’

Wetherspoon’s chairman, Tim Martin, said: “It is a myth that all regulation is bad for business.

“The Food Hygiene Rating scheme is an excellent example of government legislation which works well and is of great benefit to the public.

“It is important that people be made aware of the hygiene levels in pubs and restaurants.

“Our Food Hygiene Ratings are a great achievement by our management and staff – and we will strive to ensure that hygiene levels in our pubs remain high.”

“This positive legislation is in contrast to some government legislation which is unfair on publicans and pub operators.

“For example, sending underage people into pubs, in order to entrap them, is wrong.”

Pictured: Kitchen manager Miguel Freitas (left) and shift manager Chris Hughes, The Alexander Graham Bell, Edinburgh at The Sir Henry Segrave in Southport.

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