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Runcorn’s heritage honoured by exclusive ale

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Runcorn’s heritage honoured by exclusive ale
Article date: 07 Jun 2011

The Ferry Boat, in Runcorn, has teamed up with a local brewery to produce an exclusive new ale for the pub.

Shift manager Kate Webster, who recently joined the team at The Ferry Boat from The Looking Glass, in Warrington, approached Coach House Brewery to help with the project.

Kate, together with real-ale enthusiast and regular customer Colin Boardman (right), visited the Warrington-based brewery to help with the brewing process of the new beer, a 4.2% ABV session ale.

‘Old Transporter’ is now available at the pub permanently, along with at least four other ales, at all times. Named after the old bridge which once linked Runcorn to Widnes, the beer’s pump clip features a picture, by a local Runcorn artist, of the bridge.

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