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Roger adds value to The Postal Order

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Roger adds value to The Postal Order
Article date: 15 Sep 2011

Pub manager Roger Beesley, who runs The Postal Order, in Worcester, this year marks 17 years with the company.

Roger joined Wetherspoon as a part-time bar associate in December 1994, when the Golden Cross Hotel first opened in Bromsgrove.

He said: “I went along with a group of mates to get a part-time job, for beer money. I enjoyed it very much and decided that I wanted my own pub by the age of 25.”

In 2000, aged 25, Roger achieved that goal, when he became the manager at the recently opened Brierley Hill pub, The Waterfront Inn.

Roger said: “When I first became a manager, I was relatively young, compared with others at the time. The trend was for couples and older managers, but things have changed a lot in the past 11 years.”

Roger went on to spend five years at The Briar Rose, in Birmingham, before taking over at The Postal Order, five years ago.

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Pictured (left to right): Team leader Steve Smith, kitchen associate Simon Mahoney, pub manager Roger Beesley and kitchen shift leader Dennie Bosch.

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