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Respecting Thomas’s memory

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Respecting Thomas’s memory
Article date: 01 Mar 2011

A new portrait, depicting the 19th-century builder and property owner Thomas Drummond, is displayed in Fleetwood’s pub of the same name – thanks to his great-great-granddaughter Christine Pears.

Christine provided Wetherspoon with the image from a family oil painting which hangs in her house in Perth, Australia. It was commissioned in 1860, to celebrate Thomas’s 50th birthday.

It replaces the original portrait of Thomas Drummond which had been in the pub since its opening in 2001.

Christine said: “I visited the pub while in England and was proud to see such a wonderful portrait displayed of my great-great-grandfather.”

The Thomas Drummond stands on the site of the former Congregational Church rooms built by him and bearing his name. In the mid 19th century, Drummond built most of the workers’ cottages and the churches in the new town of Fleetwood.

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