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Recognition of Minnie’s contribution

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Recognition of Minnie’s contribution
Article date: 07 Jun 2011

The Packet Station has gained an Inclusive Employer Award, presented by the Down’s Syndrome Association.

The certificate is in recognition of its support for 21-year-old Morweena Black, an employee (for the past two years) with Down’s Syndrome, at the Falmouth pub.

Morweena, known as Minnie by her colleagues, combines her studies at Truro College with two two-hour shifts per week at the pub.

Minnie said: “I really enjoy it here. The best thing is the staff – I call them my sisters.”

Bob Black, education officer for the Down’s Syndrome Association, said: “Morweena is quite an able young lady and a good communicator. For her to have got to this level of employment is of note, because of the way in which Wetherspoon has nurtured her over time.”

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