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Raising the standards

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Raising the standards
Article date: 16 Apr 2013

The Sun newspaper’s consumer editor, Daniel Jones, reported on hygiene standards in pub restaurants, family restaurants and fast-food outlets.

In the pub restaurant sector, Wetherspoon was the only company of the 10 investigated which did not have a single outlet rated zero, one or two in the food hygiene rating scheme.

The scheme, run by local authorities with the Food Standards Agency, reports on hygiene standards, from zero at the bottom to five at the top.

A score of zero indicates ‘in need of urgent improvement’, one indicates ‘major improvement needed’, two indicates ‘improvement needed’ and those with scores between zero and two are deemed to have failings.

Indeed, the report showed that not a single one of the 73 Wetherspoon pubs inspected was less than satisfactory, while 62 of the 73 Wetherspoon pubs were given the top ‘excellent rating’ of five stars out of five.

Pub restaurant groups Yates’s, The Slug and Lettuce, Hungry Horse, All Bar One and Harvester were among those which had between three per cent and 11.8 per cent of their outlets rated between zero and two.

Wetherspoon was one of only two companies among the 30, all high-street names, which had no outlets rated between zero and two.

Wetherspoon’s head of audit, James Ullman, said: “We were not aware that The Sun was carrying out this investigation.

“The fact that its investigation highlighted the excellent hygiene conditions in Wetherspoon pubs is a credit to our staff who ensure that the pubs are maintained to the highest standards at all times.

“Hygiene is vitally important to both us and our customers.

“Our customers appreciate that, when they enter a Wetherspoon pub, it will be a clean and safe place to visit.

“We maintain our standards by placing hygiene at the top of our priorities and believe that a hygienic pub is a well-run pub.”

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