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Pubs unite to raise local profile

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Pubs unite to raise local profile
Article date: 05 Dec 2013

The Moon and Spoon is one of six pubs in Slough which joined forces to raise awareness and money for charity, with a local beer festival.

The festival, organised by the Slough Publicans Forum, staged the week-long event as part of an initiative to increase the profile of the local pubs and get the community supporting them.

As part of this year’s celebrations, there was the annual ‘Slough Publicans Barrel Roll’ which visited all participating outlets, including The Moon and Spoon, who currently hold the trophy.

Mike Stevens, chairman of Slough Publicans Forum, said: “Pubs are closing down at a rate of 25–28 a week nationally, because booze is so cheap in supermarkets and people can’t afford to go out for a drink.

“Our aim is to petition against the closure of pubs in Slough and to raise their profile by holding interpub charity events, such as the barrel roll, and getting people to visit the town.”

David Hart, Wetherspoon’s area manager for Slough, said: “This is a great initiative and one with which we were more than happy to get involved again.

“It is fantastic what the Slough Publicans Forum is doing to promote the local pub and could possibly be a blueprint for other areas.”

Picture: Shift leader Patryk Targos (The Moon and Spoon), pub manager Ian Reynolds (The Windlesora) and Slough town crier Mike Stevens.

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