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Pubs may well prove life-saver

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Pubs may well prove life-saver
Article date: 08 Nov 2012

Regular customers at two pubs, in Bexleyheath, have raised £2,500 for some life-saving equipment.

Various fund-raising events during a year at The Wrong ’Un and The Furze Wren, including raffles, donations and fancy-dress nights, generated the funds for three defibrillator machines.

One will be installed at each pub, while the other will go in the town’s shopping mall, to help to save heart-attack victims. Managers will receive training on how to operate the equipment – from the British Heart Foundation.

Terry Fitzgerald, pub manager at The Wrong ’Un, said: “The community has really worked hard together to raise the money to buy this life-saving equipment. It just shows what can be achieved.”

Terry is pictured (right) with (left to right) British Heart Foundation fund-raising manager Joanne Howe, community support police officer Debbie Higginbottom and community life champion, ASDA, Bruce Levy.

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