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Pub provides perfect stepping stone to police force

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Pub provides perfect stepping stone to police force
Article date: 08 Nov 2012

Shift manager Rob Jones is fulfilling his career ambition, with the help of Wetherspoon.

Rob, who worked at The Spon Gate, in Coventry, has embarked on a career with the police force, following in his retired father’s footsteps.

Rob, from Hightown, in Merseyside, joined Wetherspoon in 2006 as a student, working as a bar associate at The Earl of Mercia, while studying a degree in disaster management, at Coventry University.

He progressed to team leader at the Coventry pub and, during his holidays from university, transferred to The Willow Grove, in Southport, near to his home, to continue his role with Wetherspoon.

Rob completed his three-year degree, but, with government cuts in policing and the lack of recruiting, he decided to continue his education with a one-year masters degree in international terrorism, global security and organised crime.

With his studies complete by the summer of 2010 and the police still not recruiting, he was offered a shift manager’s role at The Spon Gate.

Rob said: “In my student days, my job at Wetherspoon was a huge help. Despite having a loan for tuition fees, thanks to Wetherspoon, I was able to cover all of my living costs and so now have only half the debt of other graduates I know.”

Rob, 24, applied for the police force again in January last year. He has now been accepted and began his training in July, as an armed response officer, based in Cumbria and The Lakes.

He said: “The police force wanted people skills and, when I finished university, I didn’t have the experience which the force was seeking.

“After two years as a manager at The Spon Gate, the job has given me that experience, as well as people skills. Without Wetherspoon, it would not have been possible.”

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