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Pub calls time
Article date: 13 Jan 2012

The people of Aberystwyth now have no excuses for being late, as the old station clock is back in working order.

The clock, situated on a tower outside of Yr Hen Orsaf in the Welsh town, had stopped with the hands showing just after 11 o’clock.

Wetherspoon, which inherited the clock when the pub was opened, during July 2001, in the 1924 Great Western Railway building, invested to have the timepiece cleaned and repaired. Pigeons and seagulls had gained access to the tower and had badly damaged the clock’s workings.

Jim Griffiths, Cyngor Tref Aberystwyth Town Council town clerk, said: “The clock is something of a local icon, so it is important to the town’s people that it remain in working order.

“We are very pleased to see that Wetherspoon has shown a corporate willingness to the maintenance of the town’s heritage. This has generated a lot of positive feeling in the town.”

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