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Providing some local colour

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Providing some local colour
Article date: 21 Nov 2012

When Wetherspoon opened its new pub in St Ives, it commissioned local artists to provide artwork.

At The Hain Line glass designer Julia Mills(pictured) provided the backdrop for one of the two bars in the new pub.

Based at Mousehole, Julia is well known for her sparkling glass panels, inspired by her adopted west Cornwall home, where she has lived and worked for the past 13 years.

The brief was for her to produce a triptych, to be mounted in a light box, behind the bar, with each panel (900mm x 750mm) depicting St Ives town and its seascape.

Julia used a palette of greens, blues and lichen created from glass sourced from Europe and America.

Julia said: “I am used to working with flowing curved lines, but the architects wanted angular shapes. It was a real challenge, but I am extremely pleased with the results.

“I am delighted that Wetherspoon has given local artists the opportunity to showcase their work. Once visitors have seen my triptych at The Hain Line, I am confident that they will come and see more of my work at my gallery in Mousehole.”

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