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Private party for ‘The Boss’

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Private party for ‘The Boss’
Article date: 01 Aug 2009

More than 200 Bruce Springsteen fans came together for a private party at The Knights Templar, London, to celebrate their hero’s first-ever performance at the Glastonbury Festival.

The 225 members of Badlands (Bruce Springsteen Supporters’ Club) enjoyed food and drink at the pub, before being entertained by Springsteen tribute acts.

The enthusiastic crowd then watched The Boss and his E Street Band on giant screens as they played for more than two hours at Glastonbury.

The pub’s manager, Jan Swords (who manages The Knights Templar with husband Gerry), said: “The atmosphere inside the pub was electric, with all of the fans singing along to each track.

“Everyone had a fantastic time and they were still enjoying the party well into the night.”

The Knights Templar, in Chancery Lane, is available for hire, for weddings, functions and private parties. Contact Jan or Gerry: 020 7831 2660

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