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Plenty of family interest in Wetherspoon

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Plenty of family interest in Wetherspoon
Article date: 21 Nov 2012

Four Wetherspoon pubs across south Wales are ‘keeping it in the family’, with five members of the same family working for the company.

Carl Sturdy is the night manager at The Queen’s Hotel, in Newport. He joined the team there initially as night porter, when the pub and hotel opened three years ago, before becoming night manager.

Carl said: “I served in the British Army for 22 years, before joining Wetherspoon. Now, my four children and I all work for the company, in different roles.”

Carl’s eldest, his daughter Sarah Newton, has been with Wetherspoon for 11 years. She was the first to join, as a kitchen associate at The Olympia, in Tredegar, while still studying at college, and progressed through the ranks to kitchen manager.

Sarah, 30, has worked in the pubs at Merthyr Tydfil, Abergavenny, Aberdare, Caerphilly and Abertillery. She is now back at Y Dic Penderyn, in Merthyr Tydfil, as shift manager, with the aim of her own Wetherspoon pub next year.

Adam, 27, Carl’s eldest son, is also a kitchen manager. He is part of the team at The Pontlottyn, in Abertillery.

Sarah said: “I worked with Adam at Tredegar when he first joined as bar associate nine years ago. He progressed to kitchen manager at The Sirhowy, in Blackwood, and is now at Abertillery.”

The Olympia has also provided the first Wetherspoon work place for Carl’s other two boys. Ryan, 18, is a bar associate and Iain, 25, is a kitchen associate, at the pub in Tredegar.

Carl, 50, said: “Sarah told me about the job at The Queen’s Hotel, so I applied and got it. The chance to step up to night manager then came up – and I was successful in getting that role too.

“Initially, I was living in Tredegar, commuting backwards and forwards, about 50 miles a day, but now I live on site, which is much better and I like the shift work.

“I am happy in my job. It is very different from my life in the army, but I am still using some of those skills learned from that career.”

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