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Photos get customers thinking and talking

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Photos get customers thinking and talking
Article date: 21 Nov 2012

The Beehive, in Brixton, hosted a contemporary photographic exhibition at the pub.

It showcased the work of Irina Csapo, Pio de Rose, India Lawton, Bob Marsden, Marion Macalpine and Alicia Ryan (pictured left), in a presentation entitled ‘Public and Private Affairs’.

Alicia Ryan, artist representative from PhotoThinkers, the event’s curators, said: “The exhibition’s aim was to engage the audience in the theme and to interrogate our interpretation of privacy, in the light of new technology.”

The photographs highlighted the impact which mobile communications devices and social networking have had on our life.

Neil Warshow, pub manager at The Beehive, said: “The exhibition caused a good deal of interest among the pub’s customers, as the photos replaced all of our existing images on the walls.

“It was a successful initiative and one with which we would get involved again, since we are always keen to support local community projects and charities.”

PhotoThinkers is an arts project, initiated by a group of artists interested in developing new forms of art in the community and presenting arts events in less conventional places. It is a non-profi t event, although the aim is to gain business sponsorship, to raise money for homeless young people.

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