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Partnership approach to local employment

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Partnership approach to local employment
Article date: 02 Dec 2013

When The Master Mariner opened in New Brighton, earlier this year, pub manager Stephanie Nolan enlisted the help of local employment services to find suitable staff.

The Wirral Metropolitan College, in conjunction with Jobcentre Plus, was key to the successful employment of students from their pre-employment training course.

Students from the college in Birkenhead took part in a selection process and mini interview with Wetherspoon’s managers, as part of their BTEC work skills course, level one.

Nine of the 16 students, aged 18 to 34, taking part in the two-week course, were successful, with six of those staff members still working at The Master Mariner pub.

Jess Walker, employability lecturer at The Learning Shop, the outreach centre for Wirral Met College, said: “Our partnership with Wetherspoon on this project has been a great success. We focus on teaming with employers and getting people into and staying in work.

“We work closely with the employer to make sure that we cater for its needs, while offering training and support for the students and getting people ready for the job.

“This particular course, aimed at the hospitality and customer service sector, helped a mixed group of university leavers, long-term unemployed and those changing job sectors, to have the best chance possible of a job.

“Those students who were not selected by Wetherspoon all found employment elsewhere in the industry.”

Stephanie, pictured centre, with team members (left to right) John Ives, Coral Cotterell, Hope Boyd, Tracey Bryan, Chris Peers and Johnny Benson, said: “We found some good staff members through the Jobcentre Plus/Wirral Met College scheme, which made my job a whole lot easier.

“The pre-employment training is a fantastic opportunity for job seekers, as well as a help for us as employers.

“We are able to see and speak to students during their course and can identify potential employees, while they receive invaluable training and support to help them into work.”

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