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Menu praised for healthy choice

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Menu praised for healthy choice
Article date: 01 Feb 2009

The Society Rooms, in Stalybridge, Cheshire, has been recognised for the healthy choices on offer to its customers.

It has won a silver award in the Tameside Healthy Choice Award Scheme, an initiative funded by Tameside & Glossop Primary Care Trust.

The pub’s menu was assessed and judged on the healthy options available, with a high number of meals receiving praise.

These included the five-bean chilli which contains butter, kidney, haricot, cannellini and pinto beans, bulgar wheat, Quorn mince and peppers. The inspector stated that beans provide a good source of protein.

The Sunday traditional roast lunch (for adults and children) was highlighted as being a “good, well-balanced, nutritious meal”.

On the breakfast front, the inspector said that the scrambled egg on toast was seen as a healthy alternative to fried eggs and also highlighted the fact that low-fat spread was available, on request, for those ordering sandwiches or toast.

The inspector praised the children’s menu and drew attention to the selection of side dishes which could be ordered to accompany the meals (these included mini corn-on-the-cob, vegetables, a side salad, peas and baked beans).

The pub’s manager, Claire Newton, said: “The Society Rooms is very popular with diners – and we are keen to offer them as wide a choice of healthy meals as possible.

“We are delighted with the award, as well as the very positive comments from the inspector.”

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