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Maurice's special day

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Maurice's special day
Article date: 22 Nov 2010

Wetherspoon enthusiast Maurice Ince is pictured celebrating his 85th birthday at his favourite Wetherspoon pub.

Pub manager Sarah Elks (also pictured) and the staff at The Ivory Peg, in Chelmsford, made it a special day to remember for Maurice, with a birthday lunch and drinks.

Maurice, who lives in Epping (a Wetherspoon-free town in Essex), travels by bus to visit the company’s pubs in his area, including Harlow and Hertford, as well as as far afield as Colchester, Ipswich and Southend.

Sarah said: “When we found out that it was Maurice’s special birthday, we were only too happy to make it a memorable one for him at The Ivory Peg. We hope that he enjoyed his day.”

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