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Lottery winners boost for Isabel

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Lottery winners boost for Isabel
Article date: 21 Dec 2012

Fundraising at The David Macbeth Moir has received an amazing and unexpected boost.

Ian Gregory, pub manager at the outlet in Musselburgh, East Lothian, and his team had raised £1,500 towards helping to send their colleague Rory Wallis’s daughter to the US, for a life-changing operation.

Four-year-old Isabel (pictured with her dad and shift manager Emma Getty) has cerebral palsy – and her parents Rory and Kate Horne had been trying to raise £40,000 for a procedure and rehabilitation to help her mobility, when EuroMillions lottery winners Chris and Colin Weir stepped in with the rest.

The couple from Ayrshire, who scooped £161 million last year, has donated some of their winnings to local good causes across Scotland – and Isabel is now one of the lucky recipients of their generosity.

Ian said: “When we heard the news that the money had been offered to fund the operation, we couldn’t believe it. We are all absolutely delighted for Isabel, Rory and Kate and wish them all the very best.”

Chris Weir told the Edinburgh Evening News: “Kate and Rory have worked so hard to raise the money needed for Isabel’s operation, so it was a pleasure to help. We hope that the operation will give Isabel the chance of an active life. We wish her well.”

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