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Local support canvassed for Ben

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Local support canvassed for Ben
Article date: 21 Nov 2012

Weymouth artist John Lee has been encouraged – by his local pub manager, Kim Newstead, at The Swan – to continue his passion for painting.

John’s latest work, entitled ‘Well Ahead’ and depicting quadruple gold medallist Ben Ainslie in Weymouth Bay, celebrates the 2012 Olympic sailing events in the Dorset town.

John told the local newspaper, the Dorset Echo (before the start of the Olympics): “Ben is quite a hero. A lot of people are really rooting for him locally.

“Kim suggested that I do a painting of the Olympic boats and I thought it was a lovely idea to show our interest in what’s happening in Weymouth and Portland.

“I’ve always painted, and Kim has helped me to carry on. At one time, I had 72 paintings and didn’t know what to do with them. She suggested that I try to sell them – and they went like hotcakes.”

Kim said: “John’s paintings are really popular. He’s a great artist. His latest one is fabulous – and it would be great for John to present it to Ben Ainslie himself.”

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