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Local art adds local colour

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Local art adds local colour
Article date: 05 Feb 2012

Architect Allan White had every reason to feel proud, when he visited his new local Wetherspoon pub in Tyne and Wear.

Allan, who was born in Gateshead, popped into The Tilley Stone, the new outlet in his home town, on its opening day. He was keen to see the new-look pub, as well as one particular piece of artwork on display.

Wetherspoon’s commitment to local artists, with commissioned work and displays by painters and sculptors, continues with every new pub opening – and The Tilley Stone is no exception.

Allan is a member of the Gateshead Art Society, having joined the group in 2007. The society was contacted and asked to submit examples of artwork, for possible display in the new pub.

A selection of 10 paintings, by different members of the group, was submitted for consideration, including one of two paintings which Allan produced in May 2008 for an
exhibition in the gallery of Gateshead Central
Library, to mark the 10th anniversary of The Angel of the North.

Allan’s depiction of the iconic Antony Gormley steel sculpture in Gateshead, entitled ‘Angel Over Here’, was subsequently chosen for permanent display in The Tilley Stone.

Allan said: “I am very pleased that my painting was selected. I was born in Gateshead, with the pub and The Angel both just a mile from my home, the connection is
all very local."

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