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Lancashire celebration

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Lancashire celebration
Article date: 05 Jan 2012

Pubs across Lancashire celebrated Lancashire Day by offering customers a specially brewed beer.

All of the pubs served Flying Shuttle, brewed specially for them by Blackburn-based Thwaites Brewery.

One pub, The Paramount, in Manchester, received a personal delivery from the Thwaites shire horses.

Pictured are managers Natalie and Mark Hodgson (left), Tom Lomax (The Waterhouse) (right), Thwaites’s horseman Jonathon Jones and driver Richard Green.

Natalie said: “We are proud to support Lancashire Day, and our customers enjoyed the opportunity to mark the occasion with a great beer, as well as Lancashire Hot Pot.

“It was wonderful that the Thwaites shire horses delivered our beer personally – and we’re looking forward to celebrating the big day once again in 2012.”

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