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Kitchens are a shining example of food hygiene

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Kitchens are a shining example of food hygiene
Article date: 17 Mar 2012

Wetherspoon pubs across the UK continue to gain high ratings in their respective council’s Scores on the Doors programme.

Scores on the Doors is a nationwide programme which aims to highlight hygiene standards in pubs, restaurants, take-aways and clubs.

Inspectors visit the outlets and judge them on the levels of hygiene, as well as taking account of how well managed the food-preparation area is.

Each business is benchmarked against the same criteria, namely hygiene, good structural standards and high confidence in management.

The pubs’ scores are highlighted on the council or local authority’s Scores on the Doors website, listing scores (from zero to the maximum five) of all inspected outlets.

Council environmental health officers are responsible for inspecting food businesses, to ensure that they meet the legal requirements on food hygiene. Under the Scores on the Doors scheme, each food outlet is given a score which reflects the inspection’s findings.

One of the Wetherspoon pubs to be awarded a five-star rating is The Robert Pocock, in Gravesend, Kent.

Pub manager Arber Hasani is pictured with kitchen manager Emma Clubb, both proudly showing off the award.

Arber said: “We are proud to have achieved the highest level of hygiene at the pub.”

Wetherspoon’s retail audit manager Mark Latham, said: “We strive for the highest standards of food hygiene in our pubs, at all times.

“We are extremely pleased that a high number of our pubs have obtained the maximum five-star rating and will work hard to ensure that this number increases in the coming months.”

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