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Is Cuthbert the Pimm’s No.1?

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Is Cuthbert the Pimm’s No.1?
Article date: 11 Nov 2013

Is The Cuthbert Brodrick the world’s biggest seller of Pimm’s?

Pub manager Mark Rinder (right), pictured with duty manager Dave Beever, believes it to be.

Wetherspoon is the single biggest seller of Classic Pimm’s in the world and, with 2,282 glasses sold in just one week, the Leeds outlet has topped the company’s record for Pimm’s sales.

Graham McCafferty, Wetherspoon’s area manager for Leeds, said: “Almost 2,300 glasses in a week has to be a Wetherspoon company record, so you could argue that the pub must be the biggest Pimm’s pub in the world, probably…”

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