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Industry acknowledges Timís influence

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Industry acknowledges Timís influence
Article date: 07 Sep 2011

Wetherspoon’s founder and chairman, Tim Martin, is the most influential person in the pub industry.

He was named in pole position in the Publican’s Morning Advertiser’s most influential list 2011 ...and the company’s chief executive, John Hutson, was listed in 10th position.

The report stated: “The charismatic and ebullient Tim Martin retains his crown as the pub trade’s most influential individual – thanks to the continued growth and success of the company, coupled with his standing as the industry’s premier spokesman and most recognisable figure.

“No one is spared a Martin bashing – from brewers and rivals to the government. When he talks, others listen – and the media invariably latch on to whatever he says.

“Some disagree with his views, but it is undeniable that he has the best interests of the industry (and J D Wetherspoon) at heart.”

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