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Hobgoblin tells folk tales of ale

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Hobgoblin tells folk tales of ale
Article date: 13 Jan 2012

Customers at The Picture House, in Stafford, were greeted by a very unusual visitor, during a mini local ale festival.

The Hobgoblin man from Marston’s Beer Company, in Wolverhampton, was at the pub, offering samples of the ale with the same name.

Hobgoblin dark ruby beer (4.5% ABV) is brewed by one of Marston’s five breweries – The Wychwood Brewery in Witney.

Jennings Brewery, from Cockermouth, in the Lake District, was also showcasing its goldenbitter Crag Rat (4.3% ABV) at the one-day event.

The Picture House’s customers enjoy a sample with the Hobgoblin man and team leader Joey Smallman (left to right) – Helen Ford, Joey, Charlotte Wood, Gemma Brayne, Phillippa Brakes, Lucy Ross and Andy Perry.

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