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Historic past remembered by plaque

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Historic past remembered by plaque
Article date: 16 May 2011

An historic plaque which commemorates the 200th anniversary of the founding, by Robert Pocock, of the printing press in Gravesend is now proudly displayed in the Kent pub named after him.

The plaque was originally displayed in the offices of the town’s newspaper – The Gravesend Reporter.

The Gravesend Historical Society handed the plaque to the newspaper to mark the 200th anniversary of the printing press coming to Gravesend.

The newspaper has now relocated outside of the town; however, it was felt that the plaque should remain in the town and that The Robert Pocock, in the town centre, was the most appropriate location for it to be permanently displayed.

The plaque was handed to pub manager Arber Husani, by reporter Nick Hitchens, in the company of town councillor Michael Wenban, Heritage Association member Tony Larkin and Gravesend Historical Society member Christopher Bull.

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