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Historic bus stop at The Eastgate

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Historic bus stop at The Eastgate
Article date: 21 Feb 2011

The Eastgate was the first port of call for an historic bus tour and pub trail in Northampton, enjoyed by members of the ‘154 Preservation Society’.

Pub manager Anna Brewer, pictured with driver Kevin Kennedy (left) and ‘clippie’ Bob Edwards, welcomed almost 40 members into her pub as part of the tour.

The society looks after the maintenance and upkeep of the ‘best example’ of a Northampton Corporation Transport double-decker bus still running.

Passengers aboard the old bus, built in 1947, were given an informative tour of the town, which delved into the history of old pubs, taverns and inns.

Speaking to the Chronicle & Echo newspaper, Kevin Kennedy said: “It was only for members or ‘bus nuts’ and we made the first stop at The Eastgate, in Abington Street. We also managed to raise £150 towards the upkeep of the bus.”

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