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Helping youngsters to improve skills through work

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Helping youngsters to improve skills through work
Article date: 02 Aug 2012

A Widnes pub has joined a project to help young people with learning difficulties to improve their skills through work.

The Premier, in the Cheshire town, is supporting the local initiative, run by Riverside College’s Learning Through Work programme. It aims to give students with learning disabilities a chance to carry out voluntary and paid work experience.

The project, developed in partnership with the local Halton Borough Council, is for students, aged 16 to 24, in their last year of foundation studies, to help to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Will Morris (pictured), currently studying at Riverside College, is one student who is benefiting from the scheme, with an evening job as a kitchen associate at The Premier.

Craig Thornett, kitchen manager at The Premier, said: “Will is a hard-working guy with lots of enthusiasm. He is eager to learn and does his job well.”

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