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Helping to develop confidence and skills

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Helping to develop confidence and skills
Article date: 07 Jul 2011

Students at a Hereford school are getting hands-on experience, as part of their hospitality course – thanks to their local Wetherspoon pub.

The Kings Fee hosts a dozen hospitality students from Barrs Court Special School and College, on a rolling rota, as part of a work experience programme.

The students, aged between 16 and 18, have varying degrees of learning disability. Two students, together with a carer, work two two-hour shifts a week for a fortnight, at the pub, as part of the special education needs for children/young adults scheme.

They are responsible for clearing tables, with some kitchen duties too.

The pub’s shift manager, Rick Stephens (pictured with the students), is heavily involved in the project.

Rick said: “The students enjoy the opportunity to work with the public in a proper business environment. It allows them to improve their hospitality skills, as well as their confidence".

Barrs Court School’s transitions officer, Ben Moule, said: “The students have gained nationally recognised qualifications, as well as a huge amount of confidence and self-respect from working with Rick and all of the staff.”

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